WeQueueForYou Investment Pitch

WeQueueForYou Pitch

Investment Pitch, Vocabulary Focus, Discussion Questions

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Hello, my name is Matt King, and I'm the inventor of WeQueueForYou. I'm pitching today for a £150,000 investment in return for a 1 percent equity stake in my established, profitable business. (Video below)

Vocabulary Focus

Focus vocabulary: to pitch, investment, equity stake, 150k, 150 thousand, to get through, wait on hold, call centres, number you wish to reach, to be put through, to be stuck in a queue, to hold for an agent, to end the call, to wait in a queue, to queue for you, connect to the call, no longer connected, a real no-brainer, what we sell is, business product, main focus of the business, substantial ongoing revenue streams, high street brand name customers, to sell over (figure), to sell to (x) alone, to value a company at, to turn over, net profit, to arrive at a valuation, look at the size of the market, market is worth (x) alone, Dept. of Trade and Industry, a recent study, ten-or-more staff, inbound positions, average salary, answer-rate, multiply that by (figure), current spending on, answering inbound calls, by the same logic, abandoned calls, a wind-up, to have a bit of fun, to invest in you, all of our operators are busy at the moment, to return your call, within an hour, to make a call back, to take an agent off doing something, in the next cycle, to request a call-back, to make outbound calls, queue is getting longer, fewer agents doing x activity, to run a call centre, x is the first time, to finish explaining, to log a call, feedback we have had, ..

WeQueueForYou Investment Pitch

Pitch Summary

  • WeQueueForYou: Specializes in helping people get through to busy call centers without having to wait on hold.
  • The WeQueue App: Users open the app, enter the number they wish to reach, and hit start. When stuck in a queue, they press the 9* button, end the call, and WeQueueForYou queues for them. Users are reconnected automatically when an agent answers.
  • Business Model: The main focus is selling the business product to call centers, generating substantial ongoing revenue streams.
  • Market Performance: Several high street brand name customers, over a million minutes of WeQueueForYou for business sold to UK call centers last year.
  • Valuation Justification: The company is valued at £15 million, based on the size of the market. According to the Department of Trade and Industry, the UK market is worth £300 million.
  • Market Analysis: A study found 6,200 call centers in the UK with 10 or more staff, 66% inbound positions, average agent salary of £15,000, and a 95% answer rate. The 5% of abandoned calls are worth at least £700 million a year in the UK.
  • Investor Concerns: There is skepticism about the valuation, given a turnover of £300,000 and a net profit of £40,000.
  • Call Center Operations: Callbacks take an agent off inbound calls, potentially increasing the inbound queue and transforming the center into an outbound call center.
  • Investor Advice: The investor suggests that a more sensible valuation and investment request could have led to investment.