Prosegur Sample Program

Table of Contents

The use of the company name "Prosegur" in this sample program is for illustrative purposes only and does not imply any existing or future business relationship between the creator of this program and Prosegur. This sample can be adapted to any industry, sector, company and business line with appropriate modifications. We are happy to provide similar sample lesson plans with different industry and company contexts to any interested client.

Prosegur Cyber: Business English 10-Week Online Program

Target Audience

Middle management in Prosegur's Cybersecurity (Cipher) division.


10 weeks (2 hours per week, including 1 hour live session & 1 hour pre/post work)

Pedagogical Approach

Situated Cognition Theory, focusing on real-world application and authentic materials.

Tools & Resources

Zoom, Google Slides, online collaborative whiteboards, curated authentic materials (blogs, articles, podcasts, videos) based on learner profiles.

Program Objectives

  • Enhance confidence and fluency in communicating with internal and external stakeholders in English.
  • Develop skills in presenting technical information clearly and concisely to diverse audiences.
  • Improve abilities to negotiate contracts, write persuasive proposals, and participate effectively in meetings.
  • Expand vocabulary and knowledge of industry-specific terminology.

Weekly Structure

Each week will focus on a specific theme relevant to Cyber professionals, following a consistent structure:

Pre-Session (1 hour)

  • Input: Access and analyze authentic materials (e.g., case studies, news articles, client reports) related to the weekly theme.
  • Vocabulary Acquisition: Use spaced repetition software and interactive exercises to learn key terminology.
  • Grammar Review: Focus on grammar points specifically relevant to the weekly communication tasks.

Live Session (1 hour)

  • Expert Deep Dive: Trainer introduces the week's theme, delving into industry insights, market trends, and Prosegur's specific approach.
  • Collaborative Activities: Learners engage in discussions, role-plays, and simulations using the target language and relevant scenarios.
  • Personalized Feedback: Trainer provides constructive feedback on individual performance and language use.

Post-Session (1 hour)

  • Output Tasks: Apply learned skills by crafting emails, proposals, presentations, or reports based on the weekly theme.
  • Peer Review: Exchange and give feedback on each other's work, enhancing critical thinking and communication skills.
  • Self-Assessment: Reflect on individual progress and set goals for the next week.

Sample Themes

  • Week 1: Introduction to Prosegur Cyber & the Global Threat Landscape
  • Week 2: Managed Security Services (MSS) & Value Proposition
  • Week 3: Client Presentations & Negotiations
  • Week 4: Writing Persuasive Proposals & Reports
  • Week 5: Effective Email Communication for Cybersecurity Professionals
  • Week 6: Leading & Participating in Cross-Functional Meetings
  • Week 7: Cybersecurity Incident Response & Communication
  • Week 8: Data Privacy & Regulatory Compliance
  • Week 9: Collaborative Problem-Solving & Decision-Making
  • Week 10: Program Wrap-Up & Future Development


  • Continuous assessment through active participationpeer review, and completion of pre/post-session tasks.
  • Final project/presentation demonstrating overall progress in using English for professional communication.

Trainer Role

  • Subject matter expert in the Cybersecurity industry and adult ESL education.
  • Facilitator engaging learners in interactive activities and providing personalized feedback.
  • Coach guiding learners to set and achieve their individual language learning goals.

Learner Role

  • Active participant in all pre-, live, and post-session activities.
  • Collaborative team player contributing to group discussions and tasks.
  • Reflective learner analyzing performance and setting continuous improvement goals.


  • Improved ability to communicate effectively in English on the job.
  • Enhanced confidence and credibility when interacting with diverse stakeholders.
  • Increased productivity and collaboration within the Cybersecurity team.
  • Alignment with Prosegur's overall vision for global growth and communication excellence.

Note: This is a sample outline, and the program can be further customized based on specific learner needs and Prosegur's internal training requirements.