False Friends

Common False Cognates in Business English

English VerbSounds like SpanishBut means (English)In Spanish (Literal)Example Phrase
AccommodateAcomodar (to fit/arrange)To provide for someone's needs or requestsAdaptar, satisfacer"We can accommodate your dietary restrictions."
ActuallyActualmente (currently)In fact, reallyDe hecho, en realidad"No, we're not finished, actually. We have one more presentation."
AssistAsistir (to attend)To help someoneAyudar"Can you assist me with this technical issue?"
CasualCasual(idad )(coincidence)Informal, relaxedInformal"I'll wear business casual to the meeting."
CareerCarrera (race/track)Professional pathTrayectoria profesional"She's had a successful career in marketing."
ClienteCliente (client/member)Customer or Client (depends)Cliente"We value our loyal clients."
CompromiseCompromiso (obligation)Agreement with concessionsAcuerdo con concesiones"We reached a compromise on the contract terms."
DiscreetDiscreto/a (prudent/careful)Confidential, tactfulDiscreto/a"Please be discreet about this information."
EmbarrassedEmbarazada (pregnant)Ashamed, flusteredAvergonzado/a"I was embarrassed when I tripped and fell."
EnsureAsegurar (to secure)To make sure something happensAsegurar, garantizar"We'll ensure your product arrives on time."
EventuallyEventualmente (finally, ultimately)At some future timeFinalmente, con el tiempo"We'll discuss your proposal eventually."
ExpediteExpedir (to issue/send)To speed up a processAcelerar, agilizar"Can you expedite this order for us?"
ImplementImplementar (to carry out)To put a plan into actionPoner en práctica, implementar"We're implementing a new marketing strategy."
IntendIntentar (to try/attempt)To have a plan or purposeTener la intención de, planear"We intend to expand our operations next year."
ListLista (clever)A collection of itemsLista"Please add this item to the list."
MinuteMinuto (minute)Very small, insignificantMinúsculo, insignificante"The difference in price is minute (negligible)."
PresentlyPresentemente (currently)At this momentActualmente, en este momento"Presently, we're unable to accept new clients."
QuoteCotizar (to price)A formal offer of a pricePresupuesto, oferta (tanto verbo, como nombre)"Can you provide us with a quote for this service?"
RealizeRealizar (to carry out)To understandDarse cuenta de"I finally realized what went wrong."
VacateVacar (to empty)To leave a position or placeDejar (un) vacante, abandonar"The CEO plans to vacate his position next year."