Eight Types of Strategies

Eight Types of Strategies

Planned, Unconnected, Ideological, Consensus, ..

Of strategies, deliberate and emergent, Henry Mintzberg, James A. Waters
Of strategies, deliberate and emergent Henry Mintzberg, James A. Watersaption

Eight types of strategies that strategists should be aware of, as adapted from the work of Mintzberg & Waters on deliberate and emergent strategies. Here's a brief overview of each:

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The Planned Strategy

This strategy is deliberate and well-structured, with clear steps and a defined direction.

The Unconnected Strategies

These are isolated strategies that may not be related to the overall strategic direction of the organization.

The Ideological Strategy

This type of strategy is driven by a strong set of beliefs or an ideology that guides the organization's actions.

The Consensus Strategy

This strategy emerges from a consensus among stakeholders, reflecting the collective agreement on the direction to take

The Entrepreneurial Strategy

Characterized by a dynamic approach, this strategy is often led by a visionary leader and is flexible to adapt to new opportunities.

The Process Strategy

This strategy emerges from the processes within the organization, often characterized by routines and standard operating procedures.

The Umbrella Strategy

This strategy provides a broad direction under which more specific strategies can be developed and implemented.

The Imposed Strategy

This strategy is dictated by external forces, such as regulations, market conditions, or other pressures that require the organization to respond in a certain way.

Understanding these strategies can be beneficial for business professionals, including those in your field of Business English coaching, as it can help them communicate more effectively about strategic planning and implementation in their respective industries.

"Deliberate and emergent strategies may be conceived as two ends of a continuum along which real-world strategies lie. This paper seeks to develop this notion, and some basic issues related to strategic choice, by elaborating along this continuum various types of strategies uncovered in research. These include strategies labelled planned, entrepreneurial, ideological, umbrella, process, unconnected, consensus and imposed."