Glide Certified B2B (Low-code/No-code) App Developer


B2B Mobile App Development to Streamline Operations

Tired of inefficient workflows holding your B2B back?

I help businesses ditch clunky processes and soar with custom-built internal apps.

Unlike most low-code developers, I'm not just about applying an app template to your problems. I understand your operations, management, and business model to create tailored solutions that truly fit your needs.

  • Boosting team productivity with automated tasks and data flow.
  • Improving communication with collaboration tools and real-time dashboards.
  • Streamlining approvals with user-friendly, mobile-ready forms.

My tools of choice? Powerful platforms like Glide Apps, combined with my in-depth knowledge of standard operating procedures and a focus on optimizing your unique processes.

Forget one-size-fits-all solutions. I build assets, not replicas. Let's chat about how I can unleash your B2B's potential with the power of low-code.

Table of Contents


AI-powered no code templates that unlock and automate your business data.

Operations & Field

B2B Apps to help operations and field teams streamline processes and boost efficiency.

Company CRM

Take control of your customer relationships with the Company CRM template. Perfect for businesses of all sizes, this template lets you manage contacts, companies, and contracts in one place through a private portal for your team. With powerful tools to track customer interactions, manage customer information, and improve your team's collaboration, you can streamline your CRM process and improve your customer satisfaction. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, our template can help you manage your customer relationships more effectively.

Field Sales

Optimize your field sales and operations with the Field Sales template. Perfect for field service professionals, this template helps you manage your sales, schedule, catalogue, inventory, and reports in one simple-to-use app. With features like a product catalogue, accounts management, and sales reports, you can streamline your operations and stay on top of your game. Whether you work in field operations, field sales, or manage a team of field workers, this template has everything you need to succeed. Keep your customers happy and your inventory organized.

HR & Hiring

Customizable no code templates designed to simplify hiring processes and streamline HR operations.

Sales & CRM

Customizable no code templates designed to help sales teams manage their pipeline, track leads, close deals, and more.

Portals & Dashboards

Customizable no code templates to empower internal teams with custom portals and dashboards that visualizes your most important information.

Project Management

Customizable no code templates that help teams manage projects, streamline workflows, and boost productivity.

Event Management

Customizable no code templates that help you manage events, attendees, bookings, and more with one convenient app.

Education & Nonprofits

A wide range of customizable no code templates designed for educators, students, and nonprofits.


A wide range of customizable no code templates designed to improve your daily life.