Lingua Habit Pro2Pro Sessions matching learners with mentors.
Lingua Habit Pro2Pro Sessions matching learners with mentors.

English learners enrol in courses and classes to build their fluency and confidence to eventually use the language professionally.

  • Learner > General English teacher > Business coursebook > work with international colleagues.

The above approach creates a safe space to make mistakes, ask questions on grammar and vocabulary and work through interesting content. And we offer this coaching.

Introducing - Lingua Habit Pro2Pro Sessions 

Learner > General English teacher > Business coursebook > learn with international colleagues.

We have a growing database of working professionals to help you improve your English for Professional Purposes. Architects, IT Managers, Financial Auditors, Web designers, Accountants, ...

How does it work?

  1. We start with a sector-specific level test based on an article or podcast related to your role, or industry news. This includes Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking.
  2. We set a specific goal - "Give a keynote speech.", "Join a roundtable discussion at a specific event.", "Visit a client to (negotiate, sell, present) ..."
  3. We curate a playlist of content to focus on the vocabulary you need to work with international colleagues and clients.
  4. We introduce you to your mentor for your 60 or 90-minute online sessions.
  5. You focus on understanding and communicating the content and the mentor can ask the right questions and design the challenges and role-plays you can not expect from a General English teacher.
  6. The mentor takes detailed notes on your progress - vocabulary seen, areas to work on.
  7. After every 4 sessions, the General English teacher works with you on key areas based on the notes.
  8. Repeat as many times as you required until you are ready!

You can ask us for a sector-specific level test, or take the Online English language proficiency test with certificate with our partner, TrackTest.