Lingua Challenges

Lingua Habit focused Language Challenges
Lingua Habit focused Language Challenges Lingua Habit

The goal of our habit-building language programs: actionable content to use real language in a professional setting! Learn > engage > feedback > use!

Presentation: 30 Days, 30 Challenges | Business English for Real Estate.

We use a combination of the CEFR* levels, ESCO* Classifications, Pearson GSE* (Global Scale of English) Learning Objectives and EGP* (English Grammar Profile)

to create our regular Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading Lingua Challenges 💪🏻.

When you join the Lingua Habit Community, you will start to receive challenges in line with well-research Learning Objectives.

SkillLearning ObjectiveGSECEFR
Dealing with customersCan express dissatisfaction about products and services offered by a company or institution.54B1+ (51-58)

Based on this level, skill and learning objective, you receive a challenge to do alone, in the community, or with your teacher or trainer.

  • "Think of a specific product you have bought recently (speaker, keyboard, coffee grinder).
  • Find that exact make and model online (on Amazon, eBay, MediaMarkt, etc.)
  • Read the lowest rated reviews and comments and check the new vocabulary as you go.
    • 1. Tell the community if the reviews align with your experiences.
  • 2. Write your own (positive or negative) review - in English, of course
    • You can a) publish it online and link the review, or b) paste your review in the comments below for others to read, comment on and give you feedback."

The challenges are aimed at making the language learning more practical, and to build your confidence to use it outside of the online sessions!

Start by Joining the Community or Booking a Call with the team.

You can ask us for a sector-specific level test, or take the Online English language proficiency test with certificate with our partner, TrackTest.