The future of AR, VR, MR, XR

Lingua Habit Conversation Club | The future of AR, VR, MR, XR
Lingua Habit Conversation Club | The future of AR, VR, MR, XR Lingua Habit

A group of IT and Business Development professionals read an in-depth article, watched a thought-provoking video and discussed the content and how it applies to their roles.

The lesson plan included an article, video, vocabulary focus, transcript, Discussion questions, Comprehension questions and two group activities - Brainstorm and Debate.

Vocabulary Focus - augmented, vogue, apps, snap, wow factor, creepy, invention, smartphone, masses, breakout, platforms, empowering, prevalence, devices, strategic, implementation, always-on, touchpoints, filters, minigames, unlock, consideration, kit, visual, odometry, driveway, aligned, utilized, marketers, perspective, historically, engagement, delight, flexibly, assistive, utility, apple, google, developer, kits, pump, long-standing, candy, refill, sweeties, margin, priority, discoverability, element, scan, unlocked, loyalty, frequency, purchase, funnel, packaging, nutritional, spikes, layers, playful, evaluation, weigh, sirs, visualize, certification, retailers, scanning, instructions, properly, recipe, interestingly, innovation, literally, announcements, shoppable, evaluating, measurable, engaged, accountable, objectives, advise, tick, cfar, silver, bullet, panacea, gimmick, insight, measured, volunteers, comparing, non, civilizations, brighter, essentially, specifically, metrics, intensity, correlation, relevance, suggesting, transient, conveying, relating, engaging, necessarily, indication, statistic, subconsciously, indicates, prompt, files, influence, maximize, assets, estate, installed, connectivity, richer, immersive, vital, memories, loyal, adhere, call-to-action, entertainment, could've, quicker, elsewhere, committing, long-term, tacking, nutshell, credibly, unprecedented, enormous, medium, subscribe

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