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Lingua Habit is much more than a language tutor marketplace


Our 3-Fixed Teaching Methodoloy, Learning Playlist and more

Frequently Asked Questions

LH is not a tutor marketplace, we are a professional online language school with a select, dedicated team of experienced, qualified, native and bilingual language teachers.

We have a Director of Studies and Operations Manager to assign the right teachers based on initial level, interests and objectives.

We arrange a video call introduction between teachers and students before starting lessons.

We ask all students to complete their learner profile and attend an initial interview with our Director of Studies. The DoS introduces the platform - lesson plans library, feedback forms - and matches the student with the best teacher.

You will learn and improve all four skills - Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing - in a balanced way with a combination of the "Natural Approach" for content selection and the "Direct Method" for teaching.

The role of the student is more active - explaining and presenting - with the teacher facilitating and taking detailed notes on vocabulary, grammar, errors and pronunciation.

This feedback is emailed to you and the DoS after every lesson. 

We use your own Learner Profile and level assessment (CEFR A1-C2 levels) to set realistic Learning Objectives for all skills using the GSE "Can-Do" statements.

We will then co-create a learning pathway "Playlist" based on your interests and objectives using multimedia content from multiple sources - blogs, articles, podcasts, videos, presentations.

This self-study "Playlist" is the content you study and prepare in advance of every lesson.

For the best learning experience we recommend a WiFi connection, laptop/tablet and headphones. As we share the interactive lesson plans on a whiteboard, smartphones and data plan are not ideal.

We prefer Zoom but you can choose SkypeGoogle Hangouts or even a phone call - we will call you.

We also recommend installing a few extra (free) Apps to subscribe to Podcasts, read eBooks and revise flashcards.

We do not teach using Messaging apps. 

We use our "3-fixed" method: a fixed tutor, fixed lesson time and fixed "learning Playlist", to guarantee results.

Changing the teacher, material and/or lesson times has been proven to slow down and even reset any progress made.

You will work with the Operations Manager to set your schedule with your teacher. 

Lingua Habit is not a student:tutor marketplace. We do not list 100s of freelance teachers filtered by nationality, accent and age, but work with a dedicated team of professional teachers following our methodology.

There is no cancellation policy. We have a lesson recovery policy!

Once you buy your packs of 5, 10, 15 .. lessons we will agree on a fixed-time (example: Wednesday 10am).

We require a minimum of 18 hours notice if you can not attend any of your lessons! The Operations Manager will then contact you to offer 2 (two) alternative times/dates to recover the online lesson. Once you select the recovery lesson the teacher will confirm. You can not cancel the recovery lesson.

We hope the above information was clear.

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