Email Writing Course

Email Writing Course
Email Writing Course Lingua Habit

We have created the Lingua Habit Business English | "Email Writing Course" covering templates to write emails for a number of typical Business situations.

The course is currently available to all current Lingua Habit Community members and learners in group and 1-1 online sessions.

Table of Content

  • Direct/Indirect language
  • Writing in a Careful, Balanced style
  • Email Outlines
  • Beginning an Email
  • Closing an Email
  • Expressions for Thanking others
  • Expressions with a Future focus
  • Expressions for showing willingness to help
  • Writing Invitations (to Meetings)
  • Email to Arrange Meetings
  • Writing a Report - Structure
  • Linking words
  • Checking Understanding
  • Negotiating a Project
  • Customers and Suppliers
    • Request for information (customer)
    • Giving Information (supplier)
    • Making an Order (customer)
    • Confirming an Order (supplier)
    • Asking for Payment (supplier)
  • Complaints and Apologies
    • Complaining (customer)
    • Apologising (supplier)
  • Emails for Job Applications
  • Personal emails
  • Miscellaneous emails: Being Friendly
  • Asking for advice
  • Giving advice
  • Making Suggestions
  • Special situations
David Seán | Program Director

David Seán | Program Director

David Seán, Lingua Habit founder and Program Director, helping Spanish-speaking English learners reach their potential to work internationally in English.