Cinema Post-Pandemic and eCommerce

Cinema rebound post-pandemic, Lingua Habit
Cinema rebound post-pandemic, Lingua Habit Lingua Habit

We talked about the cinema checkout experience (UX, UI) with a group of eCommerce professionals.

The complete lesson plan, available to Lingua Habit Community members and learners:

  • Opening Discussion Questions
  • Transcript and Vocaulary Focus
  • Collaborative Activity on the eCommerce (cinema) UX and UI
  • Review of prepositions of time (activity)

"Why movie theaters aren't dead yet"

Context: "The "theatrical window" has shrunk. But it’s still there. Covid-19 looked like it could have been the end of movie theaters. Theaters couldn’t show movies. Some of the biggest American theater chains were on the brink of bankruptcy. And US movie studios started trying something new: releasing big movies digitally and in theaters at the same time."

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