Let's build your own Language Playlist

Your learner profile (Current Level + Interests + Goals) to suggest the best Playlist full of authentic Articles, eBooks, Podcasts, Videos and Assignments!

The Process

From Interview to Online Lessons.

Lingua Habit Evidence Based Learning

Evidence-based Learning

We take your current language level and set specific learning objectives based on the CEFR A2-C2 levels and Can-Do Statements

Lingua Habit, we build programmes around your interests

Your Interests

We find and provide authentic Reading and Listening content based on your interests to study before your online lessons.

Lingua Habit, we reach the finish line together


    ith, "I will be fluent when .."

We measure your progress and keep you on track.

Lingua Habit, detailed email feedback

Instant Feedback

You receive detailed written feedback on your Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking skills after every online lesson.

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