Bill on scrapping 'Korean age'

Bill on scrapping 'Korean age'
Bill on scrapping 'Korean age'

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Parliamentary subcommittee passes bills on scrapping 'Korean age'

Summary: Parliamentary subcommittee passed bills on Tuesday requiring the use of the international age counting system in all judicial and administrative areas, rather than the unique "Korean age" counting system. The revisions will unify the country's multiple age systems to the internationally recognized system based on birth date, with exceptions indicated in law. The revisions are expected to be passed by Wednesday and go into effect six months after promulgation.

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Key Vocabulary

  • parliamentary, subcommittee, bills, international age counting system, judicial, administrative, unique, Korean age, revisions, Civil Act, General Act on Public Administration, unify, multiple age systems, internationally recognised system, birth date, welfare, medical, administrative services, social costs, campaign promises, months, infants, promulgation, plenary session, National Assembly.
  • use of the international age counting system
  • unique "Korean age" counting system
  • revisions to the Civil Act and the General Act on Public Administration
  • unify the country's multiple age systems
  • internationally recognized system
  • age is determined according to their birth date
  • add a year to a person's age
  • raise concerns that the different systems
  • incur unnecessary social costs
  • unify the age system
  • calculate and stated based on their birth date
  • go into effect six months after promulgation
  • parliamentary subcommittee
  • age counting system
  • judicial areas
  • administrative areas
  • multiple age systems
  • internationally recognised system
  • birth date
  • welfare services
  • medical services
  • administrative services
  • social costs
  • age system
  • birth date
  • plenary session
  • National Assembly
Idioms and Expressions
  • add a year
  • raise concerns
  • campaign promises
  • go into effect

Comprehension Questions

  1. What happened in Parliament on Tuesday?
  2. What are the three age systems currently in use in Korea?
  3. What is the Korean age counting system?
  4. What did President Yoon Suk-yeol pledge to do during his campaign?
  5. How will age be determined under the revisions?
  6. What are the exceptions to this system?
  7. What concerns have been raised about the different age systems?
  8. How long will it take for the revisions to go into effect if they are passed?
  9. What committee is expected to pass the revisions on Wednesday?
  10. What will happen six months after the revisions are promulgated?

Discussion Questions

  1. What are the potential benefits of unifying the age system in Korea?
  2. What are the potential drawbacks of scrapping the “Korean age” system?
  3. How have other countries dealt with the issue of multiple age systems? 
  4. In what ways could unifying the age system improve access to social services? 
  5. Are there any areas of Korean society where the unique “Korean age” system is still needed? 
  6. How could the transition to the new age system be best implemented to ensure minimal disruption? 
  7. What other issues could be addressed by President Yoon Suk-yeol in order to improve the quality of life in Korea? 
  8. How could the new age system affect the way people view age and aging in Korea? 
  9. Are there any potential legal implications of the new age system? 
  10. How could the new age system be used to improve government policymaking?

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